Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thoughts at a special (new years eve) time!

The time has passed over all of us (maybe too much time).
As we look around us and we remember, we miss the wonderful people, we carry in our souls places of ... wonderful stories!
Now when we are at the turning point of the years ... we wish for ourselves and to all of you all that is beautiful, wonderful and all the best that life has to offer.
And if in each and everyone of us there is THAT spark that still vibrates ... that legacy passed on to us by some wonderful people ... the we can consider us incredible blessed human beings.
Happy new year to Alina and Mitrut! Happy new year to (that special place) ... Plopu! Happy new year to all of you special "plopists" people out there!
God bless!
Alina, Maia and Mitrut at the 26th edition of Plopu Camp!

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