Monday, April 7, 2014

Plopu 30 - "From good to EXCELLENT!"

We live in troubled times. All around us words like stress, crisis, hard situations, day to day survival and others like that are a commonality.
In most of the cases when two or more persons discuss about a certain subject ... the discussion turns inevitably to those urgent needs, at those question marks, at the every day struggle to survive, at how to keep the job that ensures the every day bread or pays the bills.
Oh well, each of us live into this kind of world. With this kind of problems all of us confront at a different level.
And even all of us go by the same kind of situations ... some of us seem to go by this situations different than others, in a way that makes us thinking.
What makes them different? How do they do it? What could be "the secret"? If you discuss with each of them ... they are all telling you the way that they do it, but you cannot say that there is a "typical recipe". But for sure from this discussions, if you listen carefully, you can extract a few key points that can actually help each and every one of us.
Thats why i have the opportunity and the privilege to invite you this year at the 30th edition of Plopu Camp to discover this things together.
So between 4 and 10th of august you are all expected to join us in an interesting journey ... with this year's theme being: "From good to EXCELLENT!"
So you can already book your calendar as busy for that period! See you there!
Plopu, "The spot where God touches you!"

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