Sunday, June 2, 2013

Plopu 29 ... "Over the top"

As you already are acustom to ... is summer is aproaching then camp experiences will follow. So we are happy and proud to announce that in the 3 - 10 august period you  are all invited at the small village of Plopu (CS county) for the 29th edition of PLOPU CAMP.
What is interesting is that from the first edition until now 30 years have passed, as this camp was founded in 1983. I'm pretty sure that if you ask now the people that attended the first edition that they will be surprised to see that their vision from 30 years ago is continuing, even if along the way some transformations happend.
30 years with ups and downs, 30 years in which the motto "the spot where God touches you" was cristalised, was deepened ... and influenced tens, hundreds of lifes ... 30 years in which generation after generation learned to walk upon a new road ... learned to experience and consolidate what DADDY had instored for them.
But, time is changing ... the past steps easily into the memories of those who have experienced at least 1 time the secret charm of meeting with Him in a setting like this. Maybe you were present in one or more editions of Plopu Camp ... then you left and your life was like a rollercoaster and you asked yourself with that is happening to you. Maybe you never visited Plopu Camp and your life was even a higher emotional and spiritual rollercoaster and you ask yourself what can you do.
Well, if you are in this situation ... then i'll make you a proposal to come with us and we will try to find answers to this kind of questions together.
What am i proposing you?
-8 days in a beautiful and quiet landscape
-an interesting theme of discution: "Over the top" with different sub-themes every day which will reflect the main theme
-morning devotionals every day
-personal and group fellowship
-study time every day
-outdoor hiking
-different type of sports games
-evening program with campfire
We expect you to join us!!! I'm sure that you will be touched too ...
See you there ... on 27th of july!

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