Monday, August 9, 2010

Plopu 26 - first oppinions

At each edition of this camp there has always been the obvious curiosity: how's it gonna be this year?
Every edition is unique by itself. So it was Plopu 26.
Here are some particularities of this edition:
- there have been participants from a great geographical area, from Bucharest to Baia Mare, from Iaşi to Anina, adding other participants from Austria and Spain
- there have been participants from a very large denominational board, and for the first time in this camp's history, no Christian denomination had the absolute majority
In spite of all that, the spirit of the camp has been one of harmony and unity, which is joyful.
This year's subject has been a challenging one: Be men!
We talked about the Christian character and the illustration of his formation has been "Peter's Ladder" (2 Peter 1:5-7), which we called "The Heaven's Ladder".
The first words of each morning have been:
Today, be men. You're a man if you love men. God is love!
The most important lesson of this week has probably been this one: God's standard for the Christian life is the love for the enemies, nothing less!
During the following weeks, I will post more materials and thoughts from this camp.
I want to thank all the participants at this camp, but also to those who have been beside us, each in his way, either with financial contributions, either through prayer or encouraging words.


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