Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remember Plopu 25 (5)

Within the administrative department, the Kitchen operates. It is said that you eat well at Plopu. We believe the same and we're doing what we can to always be that way.
No one has to starve at Plopu, or regret that he's not home because of food.
You eat three times per day at Plopu. You eat cooked food, made just there, just like grandma's times. Members only bring cutlery and they also have to wash them after each meal.
For some of them, that is an initial performance!
The cooks are volunteers, that do this job in the Name of the Lord and for the members' sake.
The work begins before the camp, with the simple provisions: the provision of the tools and making a daily menu.
Futhermore, there's a first supply being made, especially for unalterable food.
The administrative department builds and provides an oven for cooking the food and other necessary things.
The first meal is the opening day dinner.
During the camp, the cooks are helped by the members, by rotation, for preparing and serving the meals.
When we're celebrating some member's birthday, the cooks prepare a special birthday cake.
The work of these cooks is not easy at all, but comes together with the joy of serving.
For some years, the Chef is Alina. She's a member of this camp since she was very young.
Thank you, Alina!


As we said, every year the cooking team is completed by other people willing to serve there. Some of them are known before, and others come and simply serve. They also get a badge, which is a visible sign of our appreciation.

Remember Plopu 25 (5)

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