Saturday, January 16, 2010

yfC 10

Even this year, we've had winter Plopu, as some call it, or more precisely yfC (youth for Christ).
It was the 10th edition and as yearly, the Lord has been good to us and we had a special time.
The time we spent there was 31.12.2009-03.01.2010, which allowed us to get into the following year while we were there and that was great!
This year’s subject was Fidelity. In other words we could have said Faithfulness, Loyalty…
The book we chose as a study book has been the book of Ruth and the verse that suggests this subject is: “anything but death will separate us” (Ruth 1.17).
It is a present subject where we talked about faithfulness both to God, and friends, husband or wife, ministry entrusted, or job charges.
And if by our nature we can only be faithful to a certain degree, the true power for being faithful comes from God.
God begins to appreciate faithfulness in the small things, before appreciating faithfulness in the big causes, as His Word shows.
Faithfulness is not only an assignment but a constant attitude proved in the every day behavior, that is a style of life.
At this year’s edition, we also had an initial performance. Our grand-daughter, Maia-Rut, less than 3 months old, has been the first child participating at yfC. She’s been a delight for us by her innocence, without giving us any problem.
And if I were to believe in coincidence, I’d say that, that beautiful rainbow which appeared at Plopu in those days has been a significant coincidence, but as you already know, I don’t believe in coincidence!

I’ve also added a link wih several pictures from yfC 10.

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