Saturday, September 19, 2009

Plopu 25 - let's fight!

Plopu is a place blessed by God.
Not wanting to chatter, but write something from the bottom of my heart, I can say that I finally understand the verse that talks about the earth as the footstool of His feet. Plopu is a place where God enjoys meeting His children and talking to them.
I'm not good at writing, not to mention the talking, but what I've learned at Plopu deeply touched me. There are unique moments, that you could experience just there.
Plopu 25 has been for me a camp where I made several decisions; decisions to fight, decisions of holding the flag straight up for the Lord, and my flag be white, not a ... dirty white, but a spotless white!
I've learned that there's time for sowing, and time for reaping. I've learned that there's time for fighting, and time for running to the goal. I've learned that, no matter the work I do, I must do it with His guidance and at HIS time!
I've learned about the importance of watching. Right in the camp, I had the oportunity to see several efects of the lack of watching. There've been things that straightly influenced me. There have been people through whom God straightly spoke to me. There have also been people that God used to speak to me through their atitude. I didn't hear any word from them, but I had a great example of life, life of joyful ministry.
I've learned to smile, even when I don't "feel" like doing it, because my smile can encourage someone. I learned that in difficult moments I must act in truth and love, but steadfastly.
For me, Plopu 25 have been a summarization of Plopu 23, Plopu 24 and Plopu 25. Though I haven't been to Plopu 23, I know the subject, and I've seen people applying the things that they've learned there.
I think that in the past 2 years, I've grown more, than in all the years before, spiritually speaking.

God has given me the great oportunity to know faithful people, and I thank Him for this.
I thank God for His sovereignty. I thank God for the care, love, tenderness but also the fermness that uses in my life.
I pray to God so that He'll bless those who answered His call, this of organizing Plopu camp. I pray to God so that He'll bless Mitrut and Alina with wisdom and love!

We're all called to fight, no matter the age, social status or physical condition. May God help us fight for Him. May God help us take the weapons that He has given to us and use them for His glory!

See you, Plopu 26! 308 days to go... :)

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