Friday, September 7, 2007

The Priceless Gift Of Freedom

Recently I got some lines from a friend of mine about the beginings of Plopu Ministry.
Read them and think about the gift of Freedom!

A story about "Small Plopu... written by CAPITALS".
The Priceless Gift Of Freedom

Have you ever thought how great and priceless the freedom that we have, to be in a Christian Camp, a conference, even at Church, without being afraid that we are followed by Securitate, is?
In 1987 I was invited by Mitrut to go in a Bible study camp, organized "somewhere in the mountains". I was asked to keep the secret not telling anybody where I'm going - including my close ones - to pack for a whole week out and show up in a secondary railroad station called Teius where I will know the direction we are going to, but not the final destination. The final destination was supposed to be known only when the train was moving. All these strategies to keep the secret, I found that later, were to avoid Securitate to discover us.
Said and done! I've packed with a lot of enthusiasm, after I got the permission from my parents, based on the full their trust in Mitrut, and I headed towards the railroad station. There, I got a ticket to Teregova (a station farther), and on the train I found that we will end our train travel in Armenis. From Armenis we took a non circulated road, because we did not want to be seen by many people, and after 2-3 hours we arrived in Plopu. Over the night other young people together with four Americans, students or graduates of Chicago Wheaton College. They chose to travel in the night in order their car not to be observed by the communist authorities. Even in Plopu we hid the car in the yard of a benevolent neighbour, because of the "informers". Anyway, we had a great camp with about 12 youngsters from Caransebes and Glimboca, selected very carefully by Mitrut. We have studied from the book of Hebrews and learned a lot of things about The Old and The New Covenant. We left with tears of joy, after a week of real fellowship and spiritual growth. But I will never forget the circumstances in which I participated to this "Small Plopu".


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